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Our Products


Climate risk mitigation services backed by proprietary deep tech products

  • Highly accurate weather data at a granular level of 2X2 km grid
  • Weather analysis, weather predictions, historical climate data, and much more
  • Crop Acreage
  • Smart Sampling
  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Yield Forecasting
  • Yield Estimations
  • A powerful forecasting tool to mitigate risks from pests and diseases including mosquitos
  • Enables Commodity Market players with accurate and reliable data for making informed decisions
  • Enables NBFC with field/crop level actionable insights through farm credit scoring

Climate changes pose increasing risks to
livelihoods & economy

Mitigating these risks require solutions to the following challenges

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Lack of location specific weather data

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No reliable data to avail credit insurance & access to commodity markets

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Lack of information on water & carbon credits

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No reliable crop yeild estimates for pricing & food security

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No drought & pest forcasting tools to protect crops

About Us


Niruthi is a Climate Risk Mitigation Solutions provider for a Resilient Future. We generate data driven solutions at individual village levels through varied product offerings. Our products CropSnap, WeatherSnap & InfestSnap can be used by small & marginal farmers, insurance companies, policy makers, commodity market players & lending sector to improve access to credit instruments, information on market dynamics and pest forecasting. Our technology Integrates satellite data, ground observations, historical crop and weather data for generating reliable data at 2KM by 2KM

Founded by Dr. Ramakrishna Nemani, a retired NASA scientist with over thirty-five years of experience in remote sensing, numerical bio-geochemical modelling, agronomy and climatology, Niruthi employs a state-of-the-art data-model assimilation approach based on NASA’s - Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS) designed to seamlessly integrate fine scale data from satellites, weather stations, mobiles into sophisticated simulation models empowered by Big Data (BD) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The resulting ecosystem’s nowcasts and forecasts are used to design custom solutions for Crop Insurance, Crop Yield Estimation, Irrigation Management, Carbon Credits, Pest/Disease Dynamics, Disaster Management and Public Health

Our Vision

To build a global ecosystem using advanced technologies to tackle
climate related risks and promote sustainable livelihoods

Our Mission

To support and protect rural livelihoods


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News & Media
Business News From data to decision-making: Big Data analytics, AI to tackle farm distress
The data-to-decision analytical tools provided by Niruthi serve various agricultural insurance stakeholders in a variety of ways.
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Niruthi: Award Recipient in Data & Analytics Category in the last Insuretech Innovation Challenge hosted by GIIF.



Niruthi is the only company with 25+ years of data for creating products backed by superior analytics
We have the highest resolution of weather and crop yield data in India



Niruthi has competitive advantage over its competitors with an extensive ground presence and exhaustive field data records collected over the years


Niruthi provides risk mitigating solutions to banking and insurance sectors

  • Individual assessments in case of localized calamities
  • Near Real-time crop information
  • Claim management services
  • Automate claim settlements with help of Technology
  • Harvesting Trends
  • Market information

Government Institutions/Policy Makers

Niruthi works with local and national Government institutions

  • To provide timely and accurate information on crop statistics and leverages advanced technologies for decision making

Commodity Markets

Niruthi assists the commodity market sector by providing

  • Near Real-time crop information
  • Automate claim settlements with help of Technology
  • Harvesting Trends
  • Market information

Agro Chemicals

Niruthi supports Agrochemical companies by providing accurate information on

  • Crop health monitoring
  • Forecast demand based on weather conditions and seasonal forecasts
  • Pest Infestation


Niruthi leverages advanced technologies that serve the needs of farmers by providing

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Crop health monitoring
  • Forecast demand based on weather conditions and seasonal forecasts

Power & Energy

Niruthi helps the Power and Energy Sector mitigate risk by providing:

  • High-resolution gridded Historical weather data
  • High-resolution Weather forecast data
  • Tracking of near-real-time and forecasted weather data



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Client testimonials

Client testimonials

Listen to what our customers have to say

"Since partnering with Niruthi, our portfolio management has undergone a revolution. Integrating satellite data and real-time weather information has transformed our decision-making process. Now, we can make well-informed choices regarding planting, irrigation, and pest control, resulting in improved yields and significant cost savings. We highly recommend their innovative solutions!"


"In our research endeavors, Niruthi has become an indispensable ally. The precision of their weather data and the accuracy of their satellite data analysis have greatly advanced our understanding of crop patterns and climate impacts. We truly appreciate their commitment to pushing the boundaries of agri-tech."

"In the dynamic realm of agribusiness, reliable data is paramount. Niruthi exceeded our expectations with their comprehensive suite of solutions. From monitoring crop health to predicting weather patterns, their services have empowered us to make proactive decisions, ultimately enhancing our operational efficiency."

"Sustainability lies at the heart of our agricultural mission, and Niruthi perfectly aligns with our values. Their agri-tech solutions not only optimize productivity but also support environmentally conscious practices. The ability to leverage satellite data for sustainable farming practices makes Niruthi an invaluable partner for anyone committed to eco-friendly agriculture."

"Thanks to the quality analysis and predictive models implemented by the Niruthi team, we've effectively deployed our procurement teams to high-priority areas, resulting in improved quality and pricing. We're truly satisfied with the work done by the Niruthi team and eagerly anticipate future collaborations."

"The data shared by Niruthi was very accurate and has internally helped us in strategizing our price forecasting and has effectively helped us in eliminating the ups and downs thereby creating a significant impact on financial margins."

Our Team


Our leadership team has over 100+ years of combined experience

Dr. Rama Nemani

Technology, Product, R&D

Mallikarjun Kukunuri

Co Founder & CEO
Head of Sales

Arun Balla

Deputy CEO
Head of Operations

Dr. Cristina Milesi

Co Founder & CSO
Scientific, R&D

Shiva Ram Krishna

Internal IT & App Dev

Dr. Makarand Kulkarni

Product Development

Raj Patnaik

People & Business Strategy

Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring

The inclusion of the real time satellite and Automatic Weather Station data will address the crop health monitoring at large area real time.

To read more, write to us: info@niruthi.com

Crop Yield Estimation

We implemented technologies based on the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System for estimating GP level yields of rice in 25 districts.

To read more, write to us: info@niruthi.com

High Resolution Climate Monitoring

Timely, accurate real time weather information is required to support pricing of premiums and identification of valid claims.

To read more, write to us: info@niruthi.com

Investor Relations


We are a Caspian portfolio company

At Niruthi, we are committed to maintaining transparency and open communication with our valued investors. We strive to provide you with a comprehensive resource in keeping you informed about our financial performance, corporate governance, and strategic initiatives. We are dedicated to delivering sustainable value and growth for our investors.

At Niruthi, we uphold the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure accountability, fairness, and transparency. We maintain latest financial reports, quarterly and annual statements, and key financial metrics to provide you with insights into our company's performance.

For any investor-related queries or to request additional information, please reach out to our Investor Relations team. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and provide the information you need.

Contact Us:

E-mail : investor.relations@niruthi.com

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